False Flag Grenfell: No One Died During The Building Fire

Personally, I cannot say if people did or did not die at this event, as I wasn’t there. Just like with most False Flag events, however, I’m not seeing any proof.

I watched the rt Livestream for over 3 hours and saw nobody jumping out windows or flashing lights and heard nobody around the cameraman sounding mention anything about people jumping out. All I saw falling was burning debris. – dizzy1369

Anyone else noticed that not a single interview has been done with an actual resident of the building it’s all friends and family or that they lived across the road. A natural place for a journalist and photographer to go would be a refuge centre yet all we have seen is the inside of a mosque with 20 beds made up never having been slept in. Also notice that there are 3 or 4 tower blocks yet Grenfall was the only one that had a cosmetic renovation which was completed in the summer of 2016. Not one of the other tower’s shows any sign of a renovation. Is the plan to knock down all of the high rise buildings in order to finish the social cleansing of London? Kensington is prime real estate!!! – Kirks 71

Logic says no one died; too much chance to kill a child and leave a mother. I think it was Ole Dammagard who said they learned after 911 that they needed a new plan, BC mothers with dead children don’t stop, they keep coming after you ( note: they’d do it if they could BC despite what public thinks, these elitist see them as scum of the earth, their words not mine) – Tyranny Shrugged


YT description: Watch The Facebook Live Video (Staged)


Title: No One Died During The London Fire  (YT link) Uploaded by Trust One News 2.


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