Music, Hip Hop: Ririri – Anthem (11 Y.O. Japanese Girl!)

What a cutie! She almost looks Peruvian to me in a couple of shots. This is a well-produced video with a lot of color and good camera pans. I have no idea what she’s singing about, past being a stranger in a big city out to see the sights. Great tune!

From a Huffington Post article, 2013: 7-Year-Old Japanese Dancer Has A Little Too Much Energy

Seven-year-old dancer, Ririri, is probably a little more popular than you were when you were her age. She has almost 60,000 followers on Twitter and her Niconico channel is full of videos of her awesome, animated dancing style. It’s almost as though she popped right out of an adorable fantasy world.


YT description: I will be dorp my first single “RIRIRI ANTHEM” on 1th March!!! Available on Reco-Choku, iTunes, mora,,
dwango, Mysound, Oricon Music Store, etc!
Dowoload URL → comming soon!

Lyrics & Music by ririri
Produced by Naoki Itai
When I thinking the E・A・R・T・H, I hit on a idea of this song~
so I challenged myself to making song & lyrics!
Everybody, Let’s Enjoy “TAKENOKO-DANCE”!!

Title:【りりり】1st Digital single「 RIRIRI ANTHEM 」MV  (YT link) Uploaded by Ririri Rururu.


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