Mandela Effect: Reality Shifter Visits Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island

Here’s what I remember as a California native:

The statue was on Ellis Island. It was larger than it is today, and it was on a smaller square base and not on a ‘star fort.’ The pedestal looks huge now. The torch had been open until maybe the 1970s, when faulty construction made it dangerous to go into. The book the statue held was up next to her breast, not at her side like it is now. The Black Tom / WWI attack never took place in my original timeline / reality.

So I was just talking to my mom about this. She’s from nyc and visited the statue of liberty back in middle or high school (around the late 70s or so). I asked her about the torch and she said back then, they couldn’t access because it was being repaired but it was later opened. I told her it hasn’t been open in 100 years and she was not trying to hear it! – N S

Thanks man – love your videos! I went to NY in 1998 and no way did the Statue look like this- I remember it on Ellis Island. I don’t remember the base being as big, with these big Masonic pillars…… in fact the freemasonry is much more in- your-face in this reality! Oh, and there was no bridge to Ellis in my timeline….. – Truth Seeker

Reality Shifter hey man back in the 80s my school went to the statue and many of my classmates went inside the torch.back then i remember reading about limited acsses at times to the torch also in the 90s i remember them closing the torch for awhile due some renovation.but never heard of any attack or damage – Glenn Clark

Reality Shifter hi!! I luv your videos!! I found proof of a 1986 silver coin statue of liberty coin that even has Ellis island behind it!! I would luv to send you the picture!! I believe you!! I remember it being on Ellis island too!! – Theresa Lynch


Youtube description: Many people have memories of the Statue of Liberty being located on Ellis Island. Many also don’t remember ever learning about the Black Tom German terrorist attack in 1916 that damaged parts of the Statue of Liberty.The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are both on the New Jersey State side border. And many remember the torch of the Statue of Liberty being open several years ago and not being closed for 100 years. This is my visit to both locations to ask some questions. The battery on my camera had died and wasn’t able to continue filming unfortunately.

The other reason stated by the gentleman at 6:40 is “wind”. The gentleman stated he was told the torch was closed because of wind and the stability of the structure

Title: Mandela Effect – My visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (the unsolved case) (YT link) Uploaded by Reality Shifter.


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