Mandela Effect: List Of Super-Continents Before Pangaea

I just saw this on somebody’s ME video, but the video wasn’t produced that well. So, I’m presenting it myself.

Oookay… As far back as the late 80s when I was in High School, the earliest continent was named Pangea. I have done some research since then on related subjects, as far as what kinds of dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, fish and insects lived in certain ages, and where they could be found. (And I’ve researched how carbon dioxide from volcanoes helped plants to flourish, ancient soil / shale before it was modern soil, early plants, Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, etc. I did a lot of friggin’ research!) I still have several books on dinosaurs, making me wonder if they’ve changed since I last looked into them.

But seriously, how in the hell can anybody calculate what continent was around 3.8 billion years ago? Are you kidding me? The only name I recognize on the Wiki list is Gondwana / Gondswana, and that was more like legend than fact, like Shangri La or Shamballa.

List of super-continents from Wikipedia

List of super-continents from Full Wiki

  • Gondwana (~600 — ~30 million years ago)
  • Laurasia (~ 300 — ~60 million years ago)
  • Pangaea (~300 — ~180 million years ago)
  • Euramerica (~300 million years ago)
  • Pannotia (~600 — ~540 million years ago)
  • Rodinia (~1.1 Ga— ~750 million years ago)
  • Columbia, also called Nuna (~1.8 — 1.5 Ga ago)
  • Nena (~1.8 Ga)
  • Kenorland (~2.7 Ga ago, Neoarchean sanukitoid cratons and new continental crust formed Kenorland. Protracted tectonic magna plume rifting occurred 2.48 to 2.45 Ga and this contributed to the Paleoproterozoic glacial events in 2.45 to 2.22 Ga. Final breakup occurred ~2.1 Ga.)
  • Ur (~3 Ga ago, Classified as the earliest known landmass. Ur, however, was probably the largest, perhaps even the only continent three billion years ago. While probably not a supercontinent, one can argue that Ur was a supercontinent for its time, even if it was smaller than Australia is today. Still, an older rock formation now located in Greenland dates back from Hadean times.)
  • Komatii Formation (3.475 Ga)
  • Vaalbara (~3.6 Ga ago. Evidence is the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia and the worldwide Archean greenstone belts that were subsequently spread out across Gondwana and Laurasia)
  • Yilgarn (Zircon crystals from the Jack Hills of the Narryer Gneiss Terrane, Yilgarn craton, Western Australia and also 300 km. south point to a continental crust formation between 4.4-4.3 Ga. Evidence is the high Oxygen-18 values of 8.5 and micro-inclusions of SiO2 in these zircon crystals consistent with growth from a granitic source supracrustal material, low-temperature interactions and a liquid ocean.)


YT description: The Earth has always been changing. Pangea wasn’t the only super continent, and it certainly isn’t going to be the last. What were the landmasses before Pangea?


Title: The Super-Continents Before Pangea (YT link) Uploaded by Knowledge Hub.


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