Mandela Effect: 06/14/17 – Curiouser’s List Of Recent Changes

My memories:

Zales – had a regular A

Popeye’s Chicken – never had ‘Louisiana Kitchen’ under it

Snap-On – regular letters

Acura – no broken letters

Viacom – had an A in it, not an upside down V

Top Gun – I don’t recall the T and N being stuck to the stripes, the letters were separate

Chewbacca – got a medal, along with Luke and Han, I had the trading cards!

Veins – were blue and red

Flamingos – I don’t know anymore!

Thundersnow – What is this? I’ll have to look that up. I’ve never head the term. Kind of like that Thunder Asthma that came up in Australia last Fall.


Here’s a catcher, I swear back in January it was, “POPEYE’S” with an apostrophe. I distinctly remember that. ACURA wasn’t like that. In TOP *GUN the star was in the centre and T never touched the O. Flamingoes never flew. – M Pearl

Wildebeast. Snap-on looks different. ‘Blue blood’ comes from the fact that certain ‘white people’, hundreds of years ago, refused to mix their genes with other, more darker races. (Think royal family for instance)Therefore, through their skin, their veins appeared to be more blue thus representing their ‘purity’. – Nigel Worsley


Title: The Mandela Effect/Many Recent Mandela Effects/4 (YT link) Uploaded by Curiouser & Curiouser.


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