Mandela Effect: 06/07/17 – Curiouser’s List Of Recent Changes

My memories:

Hefty logo – F and T never connected

X – Box – dash was separate

Disney’s Anastasia – green eyes, I would have noticed this, as I have always hated Hollywood putting blue eyes on everyone, including brown-eyed Marylin Monroe.

MTV logo – TV letters were smaller

Pokey Little Puppy

The Sandlot

I’ll have to listen to Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ track. I don’t recall a lisp.

Indian Stepwells – In that pic, they look huge! I’ve watched a lot of documentaries on ancient India, so I’ll look into that as well.

Aurora Borealis – they were wide, but never that high and colorful

Smiling Animals – Yeah, I hadn’t seen so many obvious smiles before.

Purple Trees – Same as above.

United Soviet Socialist Republic. As for the colors if trees; Purple was not genetically possible, neither was blue. Only flowers could develop these colors, if conditions were proper. Hair could not be blue or purple, leaves could not be either, due to filtering properties of the colors. Photosynthesis relies on a very short variety of colors. – Scott Ewing


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