Mandela Effect: 05/24/17 – Curiouser’s List Of Recent Changes

Some of these are likely the younger crowd thinking something is wrong, but they never lived through the eras in question where they can be absolutely sure. However, for a Middle Age guy like me, some of these are legit! These are my memories that I am sure of:

Absolut Vodka

Center For Disease Control

Flintstones – ‘Wilma, I’m Home!’

AOL – You’ve Got Mail!

To Kill A Mockingbird

Billy Cyrus – Don’t BREAK My Heart

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams Are Made Of THESE

Mandanimals – Chimps never attacked lions, but baboons did attack big cats. Possums always had white faces. Those with the gray and brown heads don’t even look like possums! (Yahoo image search)

After years of research into Chemtrails, HAARP, Aurora Borealis and MANY unusual sky phenomena, I have never heard of Noctilucent clouds. At one point, I could recite the cloud types and altitudes, but I forgot all that! Those look like Chemtrails!

Celebrity names – Meh. Who cares? Anyway, for me it was Warren Beatty.


YT description: I must clarify, it wasn’t the movie You’ve Got Mail, It was the notification. The opossum is not new, it now has features about it that are new.

Title: The Mandela Effect/Many Recent Mandela Effects/1 (YT link) Uploaded by Curiouser & Curiouser.


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