Music, Surf Rock: Man Or Astro-Man? – Destroy All… (Full Album)

Full album title: Destroy all Astro-Men! Surf rock is so much fun!

Holy fuck, I think I just found a surf rock masterpiece. – Rockkiller124

A fantastic blend of garage surf rock and space punk rock. Love that 60’s sci-fi vibe too. This is sooo bitchin’ dude. totally makes me surf in these streets. A mouth full of exhaust. Shred on. – No Approval Needed


YT description: Label: Estrus Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1994
Genre: Surf,rock,garage

Credits: Man or Astro-Man?



Title: Man or Astro-Man?- Destroy All Astromen [Full Album] (YT link) Uploaded by Surf O Matic.

00:00 reverb 10,000
02:15 name of numbers
03:39 popcorn crabula
05:35 a mouthful of exhaust
07:31 of sex and demise
09:31 joker’s wild
11:46 intoxica
13:25 mystery meat
16:00 the heavies (let’s surf the river of blood)
17:47 madness in the streets
19:25 espanto del futuro
21:17 mystery science theater 3000 love theme
22:39 landlocked
24:23 bombora
26:25 gargantua’s last stand
28:49 you can’t get good riblets in space
29:40 bermuda triange shorts
31:49 taco wagon
33:55 the vortex beyond
36:08 destination venus
39:13 time bomb 45:19


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