False Flag Virginia: Psychic Rand Paul Knew It Was An AR-15 Rifle

None of these Congressmen involved showed any type of emotion after nearly being killed and watching people being shot up. Nobody finds that strange though…..just me. – Dude Love

There’s no way this was real. The “gunman” came from Illinois to Virginia and hung out at the YMCA for weeks just looking out at the baseball field for hours every day when no one was on the field. Then when the republicans are practicing, he walks up and asks if it is republicans or democrats practicing. So, he spent weeks planning this, but he didn’t know if the congressmen practicing were republicans or democrats? Then he shoots at least 50 rounds and only hits 4 people, none of which died. He supposedly said he wanted to kill as many republicans as possible. He sure didn’t try very hard. They said Scailse was shot in the head, but the video of him being wheeled to the ambulance showed no injuries to his head or any bandages on his head. Now congress is asking for more security, which I bet they will want lifelong 24/7 security like the president gets. As I understand it, guns are not permitted in Washington, and now these congressmen, who write laws for a living, will write a law that allows themselves to carry weapons in Washington to protect themselves. How convenient. – Ralph Wiggum


Title: Alexandria shooting hoax, gun grab! (YT link) Uploaded by 7th Spring.


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