False Flag Grenwell: Why You Must Question The Official Story

YT description: The Grenfell Tower London is a blaze from top to bottom! Once again we have some things that don’t add up right. From people being told to go back inside, no fire alarm, a renovation that did nothing but make it more flammable! Not to mention the fact it reminds some of us of 9/11. Things just don’t feel right! Fake news is eating it up as usual… pushing they’re agenda like a scene from the movie V for Vendetta… Lately London looks like a warzone! With False Flags, riot’s, drama in politics…and now with an event like this! What’s next..? Will the Elites and they’re love for sacrifice bring an event we can’t even imagine!?! As I always say we never know what tomorrow brings or takes away! Stay safe stay blessed and always keep prepared my friends!

Title: Grenfell Tower Fire Another False Flag Production!?! Did The Elites Try Another Sacrifice!?! (YT link) Uploaded by Just Incredible Things.


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