False Flag Virginia: Convenient Hoax Follows Gun Control Debate

There is your motive. Republicans want to ease gun restrictions, while Democrats do not.

Think about this. Lord Trump has embraced Judaism. His cabinet is full of Zionist swamp scum, including Vice President Kushner. And then you have Rand Paul, who like his daddy Ron Paul, are big supporters of Zionist Israel. Connect the dots, sheep. The Zionists scumbag Jews can’t flood the United States with Muslims if the population has a lot of guns. End of story.


YT description: gun legislation for WH due today HAS BEEN CANCELLED…are you getting it yet or still following shills like those I’ve been calling out???

Title: GOP Republican Baseball Shooting in Virginia a TOTALLY BUSTED HOAX!!  (YT link) Uploaded by Matty D 4 Truth.


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