Music, Ambient: Diablo III Reaper Of Souls OST (Blizzard, 1 Hour)

To hear more like this, search this blog for Diablo Music. I have the original soundtracks posted for previous Diablo games. If you know of any comparable dark ambient OST’s, be sure and leave a comment so I can give them a listen.

I love all of the Diablo soundtracks, by the way. I listen to them while I’m writing dark and medieval fiction. My personal fave from this one is Mortal Heart, which I will feature by itself later. Chains Of Fate comes in second.


Title: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls OST (YT link) Uploaded by That Tanna.

0:00 – Reaper of Souls
4:12 – Crusader
6:27 – The Guise of Man
12:44 – Westmarch
17:54 – Sartor, Grodoloth, Kordoroth
20:26 – Gideon’s Row
23:12 – In Arius
25:12 – Chains Of Fate
30:06 – Blood For Blood
35:23 – Battle Grounds Of Eternity
41:21 – Abattoir
44:25 – Paths Of The Drowned
47:52 – Sehyen Ehvis (Malthael Theme)
49:45 – Urzael
51:49 – Ancient Ruins Of Dholmour
53:30 – Full Circle
54:56 – The Wrath Of Angels
56:15 – Runes
1:00:04 – Skatsimi
1:03:29 – Y’Anu Gujava
1:04:54 – Twisted Labyrinth
1:07:29 – A Mortal Heart


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