Mandela Effect: Marylin Monroe Was Skinny In This Reality!

Video posted in Oct. 2016.

I made multiple posts on this ME on my old blog, and I still get clowns telling me that my memory is bad, that Marylin had weight issues or that the Dept. of Commerce changed women’s clothing sizes, or other BS like that.

Let’s be clear. I wasn’t a big 50s movie fan, but even when I was a kid I read up on, watched movies and enjoyed looking at memorabilia for stars such as Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marylin Monroe.

In my reality,  Marylin was ALWAYS a plus size woman. She was never as skinny as Deborah Harry from Blondie. I had a collection of postcards with pics of celebrities I liked, such as Dean and Marylin. My ex-wife was a busty, voluptuous woman who dyed her hair blonde, and was a very close body match with Marylin. I don’t like skinny chicks! I like meat on my women, and Marylin always had that! Marylin always had D cup breasts, just like my ex-wife!

The scene where an updraft lifts Marylin’s dress has changed FOR ME. Her movies have changed, including the iconic scene from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, FOR ME. This is not the same Marylin from my old reality, period!

Also, her playboy spread is completely different than I remember it. – Robert Baugh

The voting:

voluptuous – 1403

skinny – 249


YT description: Marilyn Monroe was a full bodied, curvy, voluptuous lady in another more familiar reality that I retain conscious memories of.

Previous voting videos:…

Title: Mandela Effect (Marilyn Monroe Was Skinny In This Reality!!!) Please Vote #57 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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