Mandela Effect: 1980s A-Team Show – Van Has Changed Colors

Video posted in September of 2016.

Yeah, I loved watching that show, back in the day. I remember either a black van or black with smoke / dark gray on top, the same as MB. That lighter gray on top is off for me.

The voting:

all black – 727

light gray on top – 57


YT description: One of my favorite shows growing up was the A-Team. I mainly remember a black van with a red stripe but in this reality the van has always been two tone. In the 1983 show it had grey on top of the red stripe and black on the bottom. Please vote by thumbing up the video if you remember an all black van and thumbing down the video if you remember a grey and black van.

Previous voting videos:…

Title: Mandela Effect (The A-Team Van Was Different In Another Reality) Please Vote #55 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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