Mandela Effect: Roman Numeral IV Is Now Also IIII?

I think this is a legit change. I’ve never seen a clock or watch with IIII on it. Apparently, there are a lot of them now! For me, it was always IV.

Yahoo image search for Roman numeral IIII

The other numerals look normal to me. If 9/11 changes, watch out! That would be IX-XI.


YT description: The roman numeral #4 has always and only been for me IV but now you can use IIII. History now says that the Romans used this version more often as it was easier huh! This is definitely a mandela effect for me.

Title: CONSPIRACY CORNER SERIES: MANDELA EFFECT#1 ROMAN NUMERAL #4  (YT link) Uploaded by Shoonnee Spence.


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