World: After London ‘Attack’, CNN Busted Creating Fake News

I did cover this incident in my False Flag London posts, but BP has some new information regarding the identity of the whore that set that fake scene up. Conspiracy theorists are right again.

According to Youtuber Miami Vice, CNN stands for:

Counterfeit News Network

Communist News Network

Communist Narrative News

Communist Nutjob Network

Clown News Network

Completely Non-credible News

Cuck News Network

Cucked Normie News

Catastrophic News Network

Complete Nonsense Network

Clinton News Network

Clearly Not News

Castrated News Network

Chaffed Nuts Network (due to frustrating fake news)

Chaos Narrative News

Chaotic Neanderthal Nonsense

Clearly Non-verified News


Title: CNN FINISHED: BUSTED Creating #FakeNews AGAIN! (YT link) Uploaded by Black Pigeon Speaks.


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