Mandela Effect: When Did All The Stoplights Turn Upside Down?

Video uploaded in Sept. 2016. Video ends at 5:15.

Here’s what I remember: European stoplights  were the opposite of American stoplights. American lights were set up with red on top, then yellow, then green on the bottom. I used to street race in the 1990s, waiting for the lights to descend like they did in official car races. When the bottom green lit up, I would floor the gas pedal. I left a job in Fall of 2014; the lights were normal. I took a couple of months off, unable to find a job, before I started working again in early 2015. That’s when I noticed the red was now on the bottom. I thought, really, all the lights in the entire city of San Diego have changed? I went for a walk yesterday, but I didn’t bother to look at the lights. For all I know, they probably flip-flopped again.

I live in britain. I have always known that america has the opposite traffic lights then us. Now its the same. The memory i have is of home alone 2 and he’s waiting by a traffic light waiting for the green walk man at the top of the traffic lights. in order for him to cross safely. love your channel. Really affected, Shoonnee – Shoonnee Spence

The voting:

red on top – 583

green on top – 367


YT description: For the past couple weeks now I have a weird sense that that all the stop lights are upside down now. I don’t know how I never noticed this before but that is how I see them now.

Previous voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect (I Recall A Reality Where The Green Light Was On Top) Please Vote #52 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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