Mandela Effect: How Many Moon Landings Do You Remember?

Video uploaded in Sept. 2016.

This one is interesting for me. I’ve been doing research on NASA hoaxes for many years now, and my recollection is that astro-nots only walked on the moon once. In my head, I have this other idea that it happened 2 or 3 times, however, so I seem to have multiple memories like with the Luke / No, I am your father line. My research / analytical side says 1; my free-roaming memory says a few, but certainly not as many as are claimed today. I think in my old reality, the Apollo missions only went up to 13.

Oh, I almost forgot. I can back that up! I downloaded EVERY moon article on Biblioteca Pleiades a couple of years ago. That was nearly 300 pages of material, including scientific, speculation and channeled information. I went through all of that while looking for recorded anomalies and corroboration that the moon was an artificial object, which I am convinced that it is. You can find my series of 9 articles on my old blog Verum Et Inventa. The series is titled Before The Moon and can be found in my Articles page.

The voting:

2 landings – 443

more than 2 – 141


YT description: My Son and I only remember Apollo 11 and 13. Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon in Mission 11 and Apollo thirteen was where they had a problem and could not land.

Previous voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect (6 Manned Moon Landings? What????) Please Vote #51 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73,


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