Science: Top Ten Reasons You Can’t Trust The NASholes

Search this blog for NASA or Nasholes to see a whole lot more TRUTH.


YT description: I wanted to put something together for everyone to share with friends and family to try to wake them up. Please feel free to use this video on your own channels however you see fit, I just want people to know the truth before we no longer have the freedom to speak it.

10. Space Bubbles
09. The Challenger Hoax
08. Green Screens and CGI
07. We Can’t Go to Mars
06. There are no Real Pictures of Earth
05. NASA Has Firmament Problems
04. NASA Got Caught Faking the Moon Landings
03. Contradicting Stories
02. Water vs Electricity on the ISS
01. Crossed Wires

Special Thanks to all the channels featured in this Video, Please check out their channels!

Dave Murphy…
ODD Reality…

Title: The Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Trust NASA (YT link) Uploaded by The Potters Clay.


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