Sweden: Hypocrites Support Saudi Arabia, Shun Women’s Rights

Saudi Arabia is above human rights. Sounds legit.


So Sweden, the first feminist government in history, has participated in giving Saudi Arabia a place in the UN Commission for Women’s Rights. Please explain to me once again how feminism has accomplished anything?  #TwerkForAllah

Belgiums PM has come out and apologized for their participation in this travesty. This means there is no legal obstacle for other countries to explain how they voted as well.  Any silence must then be interpreted as a conscious decision to withhold information that you know people aren’t gonna like.

Also, some of you might be thinking: ”Wow, muslim countries looked like western countries once upon a time, what happened?” Ask USA and Saudi Arabia. Don’t think the same couldn’t happen to your country. Secularism and democracy are not laws of nature. – Angry Foreigner

Title: Why Sweden Supports Saudi Arabia  (YT link) Uploaded by Angry Foreigner.


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