Medieval Europe: Birth, Marriage, Death Part 1 (BBC Documentary)

This episode focuses on how pregnancy and birth were viewed in the Middle Ages. This is a good documentary, but it does tend to get dry at times. Maybe 45 minutes would have been a better duration for it.


YT description:

History Documentary hosted by Helen Castor, published by BBC in 2012 – English narration

A Good Birth

For a medieval women approaching the moment of labour and birth, there were no antiseptics to ward off infection or anaesthetics to deal with pain. Historian Helen Castor reveals how this was one of the most dangerous moments a medieval woman would ever encounter, with some aristocratic and royal women giving birth as young as 13. Birth took place in an all-female environment and the male world of medicine was little help to a woman in confinement. It was believed that the pains of labour were the penalty for the original sin of humankind – so, to get through them, a pregnant woman needed the help of the saints and the blessing of God himself.

Title: BBC Medieval Lives Birth Marriage Death 1of3 HD Documentaries (YT link) Uploaded by Scott Poitier.


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