George McDonald: The Cruel Painter (Audiobook, Gothic, Horror)

This is a really crappy story loosely presenting the topics of vampires and Lilith. Circa late 19th century.

Librivox link


Title: Gothic Vampire Tale The Cruel Painter Supernatural Fantasy Audiobook (YT link) Uploaded by Free Books.

The Cruel Painter by George McDonald – (2006) 1 star

Run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes. I didn’t like this story very much. Normally I toss it and move on to the next thing without bothering to post it. This story makes a weak show of horror and confusion encompassing a romance story. That is, the story gives me the impression of a romantic type putting on a bed sheet and pretending to be a ghost. Oooh, how scary! The reason I gave this story a listen is because the keywords of Lilith and vampires were associated with it. George McDonald, sorry, but you don’t know much about vampires and you don’t know shit about Lilith. I’ve seen that bitch in my nightmares as far back as junior high, and as recently as 2014 in my lucid dreams and automatic writing. Besides that, the description of the love story sounds very detached and empty, with no emotional impact for me. This story is as boring as a science lecture. Next!


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