Transpicuous Views: 06/05/2017 – Currencies, Hydrogen, Water

Very good discussion this week. You will learn some stuff here! The big one is a Mandela Effect change in the composition of hydrogen which pretty much affects everything!


YT description: …and the days just keep getting weirder!! In this episode of Transpicuous Views I discuss the latest on crypto/electronic currencies, and the fact that ALL GOVERNMENTS are about to release their own electronic currencies, and I show a video from SONM that will blow your socks off (think: DWave at TED talks!!). I also dug into what could be the BIGGEST mandela Effect of them all: Has the atomic structure of Hydrogen changed?!?

Continue reading on RTS Earth HERE:…

Title: Transpicuous Views: Cryptocurrencies, Hydrogen, and the Current of Water (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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