Music, Ambient: Jonnie Black – Dark 7, Take Nothing Out (1.5 Hours)

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YT description:
all alterations,(edits,reverses,mixes,photoshopping)-bad jonnie
mix-bad jonnie

Title: dark-ambient-(dark07-take nothing out)  (YT link) Uploaded by Jonnie13Black.

01.lamia vox-ad nocte- 00:00
02.lamia vox-descend- 05:00
03.lamia vox-evil comes from the north-bad jonnie mix- 10:52
04.ure thrall-breathing- 18:44
05.sephiroth-dark father- 28:20
06.sephiroth-the call of the serpent-edit with reverse- 35:45
07.troum.sqe.ure thrall-excrement of old dreams- 40:43
08.sephiroth-the moongate-with reverse- 51:27
09.sephiroth-ryleh-edit- 58:55
10.sephiroth-abbysanctum-edit with reverse- 1:03:20
11.lamia vox-metasilentium- 1:08:27
12.lamia vox-sigillum diaboli-bad jonnie mix- 1:15:26


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