Deconstructing The Construct: 05/30/17 – Map Keepers And More

Interesting testimony from an UnFucker who claims she stepped into an alternate reality where she is supposed to be dead. In keeping with the anomalies reported during this show, between June 1st and 3rd I had all sorts of unusual aches and pains, including my left wrist and arm, my neck and my lower back. I thought I was getting a fever but it never fully materialized. I hope I soon get the upgrades these people are reporting!


YT description: The past week has seen us hit on many levels, all good.
Map Keepers awakening, Egyptian timeline/quadrant closing out with the accompanying integration and mandela effects, BIG heart expansions and balance being restored. This has involved past wounds, both emotional and physical coming back up to be released as well as imbalances in relationships being highlighted.

We heard from a woman who was declared dead in this timeline in 2010, a message from Leeloo and much more.

Leeloo’s Message

This is a story for you, I wrote this for you, let it decode you.

PINK rises to the fall of BLUE
GREEN is near to the end of the moon
RED is here for only the descent
Creation and Love (Blood is God….possibly?), is the time of Creation,
Declivity is here, declination of the Genii descends,
Gates are open to all with keys to the GEM


For images see:…

Title: Deconstructing the Construct Ep 7 – 30 May 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.


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