United States: Drag Queen Pushes Queer Agenda To Pre-Schoolers

Personally, I don’t care about the lifestyle an individual chooses to live. It isn’t my business to judge others. However, if you take the time to analyze this historically, you will discover that the same people pushing the anti-Christian, gay, feminist,  welfare state, Satanist, regressive left, pedophile and most recently, the cannibal agendas are also pushing this one. For the social engineering and brainwashing of the masses, thanks Jews!

Just listen to that Snowflake music. Yuck!

What kind of a reception would I get if I came in and pushed my lifestyle as a hunter, would the powers that be be as tollerant. – Dennis Krupski


YT description: Taxpayer-funded libraries from New York and Florida to California are paying grown men to dress up as women and promote gender confusion, homosexuality, homosexual “marriage,” and cross-dressing to children as young as 3-years old. Government preschools and elementary schools are also being targeted. | Full Article: http://bit.ly/2rV1ZrR

Title: Drag Queens Push LGBT Agenda on Children (YT link) Uploaded by Freedom Project Media.


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