United States: Professor Harassed At WA College ‘No Whites’ Day

You get to the point where you just have to ban liberalism. The parents are bad, the kids are bad and their teachers are bad. These Zionist-controlled parasites always turn on each other when they are no longer effective against their opponents. Now liberal white professors like Weinstein and gay white men like Milo are out of the club. Over in regressive Europe, it is allowable for straight white women to get raped, while Allah’s rapists get the liberal free pass. For the social engineering, thanks, Jews!


YT description: Bret Weinstein, professor of Evergreen State College, pushed back on a student demand that all white people get off campus for a day because of racism and received a lot of abuse for it. He tells his story to Tucker #Tucker

Title: Professor objects to no white people on campus demand (YT link) Uploaded by Fox News.


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