Mandela Effect: Pre-WWII, US Army Had Swastikas On Their Sleeves

Swastika tampons… Yeah, somebody went there.

Man, I served 22 years in the Marine Corps and taught history at the Marine Corps University at Camp Pendleton, CA from 2001-2003. I would have known about the swastika symbolism but it was never a part of my reality. Swastika biscuits and tampons…WTF!? – Wayward Son 144

I worked in museums all my life and I can tell you right now that America has never used that symbol, EVER lol – Robert Wood

For the first 15 years of its existence, members of the 45th Infantry Division proudly wore on their left shoulders an ancient American Indian symbol of good luck, most commonly referred to as the swastika. The insignia served as recognition of the great number of Native Americans proudly serving in the 45th Infantry Division. The yellow swastika on a square background of red symbolized the Spanish Heritage of the 4 Southwestern states that made up the membership of the 45th—Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona.  A similar symbol was adopted by the Nazi party in the late 1920’s, and as the N.S.D.A.P. rose to power in 1933 the symbol became so closely associated with German National socialism that it had to be abandoned as the insignia of the 45th Infantry Division.45th Division Museum


YT description: 145th 158 us army artillery division used Nazi swastika for it’s official sleeve insignia

Title: Mandela effect US ARMY USES SWASTIKA PATCH (YT link) Uploaded by Reggatto Bonner.


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