Movie: Blood Reign – Curse Of The Yoma (2006, Animation, Horror)

2 episodes of the series, each one about 38 minutes long.


Title: Blood Reign Curse of the Yoma English Dub Anime Movie (YT link) Uploaded by William Afton.

Blood Reign – Curse Of The Yoma – (2006) 4 stars

Run time: 2 episodes of approximately 38 minutes each. While the animation style is a little dated, there is a lot here to make these two episodes a worthwhile watch. We have an Asian-inspired mythology circulating around the two main characters, embellishing the worn out plot of two kids who grew up together only to become mortal enemies as adults. Ho-hum, not that same plot again! Anyway, while the characters are fairly stoic and one-dimensional, the creatures are diverse and the violence really, really intense. A few times I saw twists I could use in my fiction, such as demons eating their way out of corpses, or demons dragging corpses into the ground. That’s exactly the kind of story I’m working on right now!


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