Movie: Afro Samurai starring Samuel Jackson (2007, Animation)

This is the director’s cut, extra bloody, full length animated movie, derived from a 2007 Spike TV series. Also check out my post on Dante’s Inferno starring Mark Hamill.


Description from Amazon: Afro Samurai (voiced by Academy Award® nominated Samuel L. Jackson) is an epic tale of a black samurai’s hunt for Justice (voiced by Ron Perlman: Hellboy Alien Resurrection ) who murdered his father. With music score by The RZA ( Kill Bill Wu Tang Clan) Afro Samurai blends traditional Japanese culture, funky technology and hip hop to create a brutally fresh entertainment experience.

Title: Afro samurai directors cut HD (YT link) Uploaded by Chroin.

Afro Samurai starring Samuel Jackson – (2007) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 52 minutes. If you’re a non-thinker action buff, this is a movie for you. There are sword battles galore in this movie, with a plot as flimsy as a string of cheese. The artistry of this movie is the brooding main character Number 2, and in the many creative ways the animators thought up for him to chop up his enemies. If you like movies that make you think, you won’t get very far here. Past the animation style, there is no substance. Dude fights one opponent after another, with the nonsensical idea of using medieval swordplay against modern weapons, and somehow winning. Also, the tired plot of a hero having to fight his former master or childhood chums is taken to the level of the absurd, as Number 2 basically has to kill every person he ever knew when he was a child. But, if you put this into its genre of being inspired by martial arts movies from the 1970s and 1980s, this movie does carry the banner well. It is very good as an action flick and very good as an anime.


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