Music, Ambient: Lucas Ezy – Celtic, Nordic Folk Music (1 Hour)

Nordic nations bless u from Russia! We from one lona, one blood, one culture! dont believe history this is from Tora! We are real descendants of Arians and Slavianins. we are Rassa! one day, when we stay independent, again will be on one territory. one Empire. – Vkuzz


Title: Viking/Nordic/Folk/Celtic – Music compilation (YT link) Uploaded by Lucas Ezy.

Track list:

0:00 Wardruna – Helvegen
6:18 Wardruna – Hagal
13:53 Faun – Hekate
18:07 Dark Viking Music – Viking Longboats
21:43 Wardruna – EhwaR
25:48 Faun – Sigurdlied
29:48 Faun – Purnagra
34:27 Faun – Unda
39:37 Fehu by Wardruna
45:19 Faun – Walpurgisnacht
49:02 Garmarna – Herr Mannelig
55:09 Hedningarna – Drafur och Gildur
1:00:39 Hedningarna – SaglaTen
1:03:41 Hedningarna – Tuuli


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