False Flag Manchester: Media Announced Controlled Explosion

One of the AC’s on GLP posted this insightful info, which I double checked and expanded:

Event-Number killed – Date of event – Age Of Suspect
Lee Rigby – ———–25 dead-05/22/2013-22  y.o.
Brussels attack —– 32 dead-03/22/2016-multiple suspects
Munich shooting —-09 dead-07/22/2016-18 y.o.
London attack- ——04 dead-03/22/2017-52 y.o.
Manchester bomb– 22 dead-05/22/2017-22 y.o.

Lots of 22s there. Prediction: Another terror attack will occur on July 22, 2017. An alternate date will be July 7, for the numerology of 07/07/17. Thanks for the heads up, Illuminati Masons and Israeli Kabbalists!


YT description: I will continue to expose this fraud on the people.


The War On Terror Is A Fraud. Watch Proof every attack is staged below!


Title: Manchester Terror Attack Hoax: Controlled Explosion Passed Off As Terror Attack! (YT link) Uploaded by Trust One News.


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