Mandela Effect: Silence Of The Lambs – Hello, Clarice Is Gone!

Video posted in Sept. 2016.

I knew about this one before the ME craze started up in September of 2015. I think I first caught the change somewhere between 2011 and 2013, because I wanted to use that line in a horror story I was writing. I looked up the movie’s famous quotes on imbd, but I could not find that iconic line. Really, I thought, what happened to it? I ended up skipping the line and using something else for my story.

The voting:

Hello, Clarice – 1562

Good morning – 272


YT description: “Hello Clarice. It’s nice to see you again.” Can no longer be found in the movie. Please thumb this video up if you remember “Hello, Clarice.” when Clarice first meets Hannibal and thumb down the video if you recall “Good Morning”

Previous voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect ( “Hello, Clarice.” Silence Of The Lambs ) Please Vote #45 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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