Planet X: Incredible Aurora Borealis – Proof Of Nibiru Approach?

Imagine how ancient peoples saw events like this in the sky, and how they interpreted them in their mythologies. Amazing stuff.

Let me make a comparison here. You know those plasma balls you see at novelty stores, where you put your hand on the glass and cause the electricity to move toward it? Well, right now, the Earth’s atmosphere is like a giant plasma ball.  That light display you’re looking at is either the hand of God or Nibiru incoming.

Be prepared.


YT description: FBI WARNING: This Video is for extremely important educational purposes. Please Email us if you have any copyright concerns: Fair Use Declared… Needed to show progression of this ocean of helium and sea of electrons:

We encourage all persons to visit the producers!!Please visit The Original Producers at: ……

Title: MOST TERRIFYING AURORA EVER!? ALSO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL! (YT link) Uploaded by The Higher Truth Channel.


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