Movie: Demon City Shinjuku (1988, Anime, Sci Fi, Horror)

Id rather take 80’s and 90’s style of anime then what we have now. Most of it is either to cute or what ever or it has something to do with cat girls and over used anime faces IE XD crap like this. – Shea Sullivan


Title: Demon City – Shinjuku – remastered – full movie (YT link) Uploaded by AK407silencer.

Demon City Shinjuku – (1988) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 19 minutes. Meh. This Japanese anime was okay, but not as great as some make it out to be. The hard-ass, smack talking hero paired up with the innocent lass always wearing pink didn’t quite work for me, and neither did all the really bad American and British accents. The story was basically two or three pages of garbage stretched out for almost an hour and a half. Special effects and hero posing might make a viable animation movie in Japan, but unless you like cartoons that showcase violence instead of story, deep plot, character development and nuances you may or may not catch on a first viewing, this movie is too simplistic and probably not for you.


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