Science: Soft Disclosure As TR-3B Spaceship Patent Found Online

It appears we are heading for Disclosure on the Secret Space Program. Recently, I put together an article on what was speculated on the TR-3B, based on my study into Indian Vimana and Nazi / US flying saucers from the 1940s and 50s. To see my sources, search this blog for keyword TR-3B. I have the article posted on my writer’s blog, which I am linking below:

Writing Tips: Speculation On The Mysterious TR-3B


A spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner that produce a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the hull. This field, interacting with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume combining both lift and propulsion. – abstract for Triangular Spacecraft from US Patent 20060145019 A1

This invention is a rotating spacecraft that produces an electric dipole on four rotating spherical conducting domes perturbing a uniform spherical electric field to create a magnetic moment interacting with the gradient of a magnetic field that generates a lift force on the hull. – abstract for Electric Dipole  Spacecraft from US Patent 20060038081 A1

Note that the patents were filed on 2004.


YT description: Thanks to our Talk is Cheap viewer “darian calhoun” for providing the link to this patent!

TR3B Patent►
Rotating electrostatic propulsion system►


Title: TR-3B Patent!!! (YT link) Uploaded by K2D4 Network.


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