Mandela Effect: Unicorn Rhinos, Big Cats And HelLman’s Mayo

SP mentions that the influx of unicorn reports feels like predictive programming. At first I was thinking that yeah, maybe The Powers That Be are setting us up for something. Then I had a scary thought. If you go to the original account of Genesis found in Babylonian mythology, you’ll find that people and animals were described as having their parts mixed together. This was during the time before ‘the firmament’ was established to separate the waters above from the waters below. It was described as a time of chaos. The gods sorted people parts from animal parts, and then a time of order began. The scary part is that scientists are experimenting with combining DNA from plants and animals out in the open, and we have many reports of similar stuff happening in DUMBs, where scientists are mixing foreign genes with human DNA. In Sumeria we have the gods creating humans, in India we have different types of people described that are now extinct, and in global history we have tales of Giants. Are we going through a repetition of what happened just before the last big Ice Age, circa 13,500 years ago?

Oh, to finish up. Those unicorn stories are Fake News and / or clickbait. They don’t quote real sources and they don’t have pictures of fossils anywhere.


Title: Mandela Effect – Hell Is Now In Mayo! Nooooooo! (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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