Science: Testing Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Balls, Human Body

This is sort of dry video, but there are some interesting aspects to what this man is playing around with.


YT description: Our human body has the amazing ability to conduct and control electricity through complex and dynamically changing electrically charged neurological networks. Amazingly, we are somehow able to ‘will’ our neurology into performing the actions of the body while simultaneously receiving and transcoding information through our sensory apparatus. We understand the nature of electricity to a significant degree and there have also been advances in bio-neurology and psychology. However, the human conscious condition remains somewhat of a mystery because we have not identified the precise mechanism(s) whereby we transform our will into electrical signals. We trigger actions by our ‘pre-brain’ conscious ‘self’ or ‘mind’, and we somehow make our metaphysical intention a physical reality.

Title: Experimenting with electromagnetic forces of the human body (YT link) Uploaded by Morgan Rauscher.


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