Dr. Lupo Round Table: 05/14/17 – Dani McKenny, Vaccines, DNA

Great stuff. I guess this discussion was going to include Mandela Effect, but they never quite got there. If you are familiar with McKenny, you’ll know she can cuss up a storm. Just listen as she tried to control her tongue!


YT description: Last night, I had the privilege of being on “Tarrin it up” with Dr. Tarrin Lupo. It was a fantastic fast paced conversation that dug deep into multiple subjects including the dangers of vaccines, the role of inflammation in disease and illness, chemtrails, genetic modifications on humans, homeschooling….and we even managed to talk about the Mandela Effect for about 5 minutes 😀

For more information, please go to rts.earth HERE:

Title: “Tarrin it Up”: Dr. Tarrin Lupo with dani arnold mckenny (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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