Mandela Effect: The Horned Moses Statue Is Not An ME! Part 1

Video posted in Sept. of 2016. It cuts off at the end. Part 2 will be up in a few minutes.

MB says he doesn’t want to offend Christians, but I will. It is very stupid to judge the entire history of the world after reading only ONE BOOK, that was created by a Roman / Jewish hierarchy for the purposes of CONTROLLING THE POPULATION when Gnosticism was gaining popularity.

I had the same problems with the stated YT channel, in that EYA finally pulled her nose out of her ONE BOOK, and all of a sudden everything she’s never bothered to look at before is a Mandela Effect. On top of that EYA does NOT know her Bible. She has never read it from beginning to end. I know this because I have read it at least 3 times, and I have pored over the unusual and controversial aspects of it for some 30 years now. All EYA knows about the Bible are the select, fluffy passages she heard referred to from the pulpit. That is exactly what the Church of Rome wanted when they had their priests reading in Latin so the dumb masses would not understand what was in it and could be led in any direction.

Anyway, I’m surprised EYA even knows who Michaelangelo is. This is exactly like the more recent supposed ME where we hear about women wanting men with donkey penises and talking about donkey semen. Oh, the Bible is suddenly X-rated! Bullshit. Those people just haven’t read their own holy book, and all of a sudden they’re experts who know everything. How about Lot’s daughters humping their dad? How about Ham ‘seeing’ the nakedness of their father when people were probably bathing out in the open in rivers or streams? What kind of ‘nakedness’ are we really talking about? How about the assertion that Jesus was gay, since he surrounded himself with 12 single dudes and did not get married when all the straights around him got married very young?

The Bible has always had its X-rated passages; it’s just that the people reading it usually have a G-rated mindset. Mission accomplished, Rome!


YT description: The horned Moses is not a Mandela Effect in my opinion and you need to careful of people who are claiming it is.

Jordan Maxwell’s (Moses The Law Giver clip):…

David Icke – Saturn – Moon Matrix – Your Reality is Being Hacked…

Title: The Mandela Effect The Horned Moses Is Not A Mandela Effect!! Part1 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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