Music, Synthwave: Timecop1983 – Journeys (Full Album)

I am proud to live on a planet where this exists. – Condescent


YT description: New Retro Wave + Timecop1983
Yes Yes!

Timecop1983 drops perhaps one of the best dreamwave albums in the past 2 years. This is an EPIC album and is perfect for the nostalgic lovers!!


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Title: Timecop1983 – Journeys [Full Album] (YT link) Uploaded by NewRetroWave.

1. Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) 00:00
2. Far Away 05:55
3. Lost in Your Eyes (feat. Per Rinaldo) 10:28
4. Summer Heat 15:22
5. L.A. Nights 20:40
6. Journeys 24:41
7. Breaking Waves (feat. Phaserland) 30:00
8. City Lights 34:46
9. Inner Visions 39:13
10. Flashbacks 44:14
11. Lost Again 49:44
12. Call on You (feat. The Boy and Sister Alma) 54:59


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