Mandela Effect: Jynx Cat’s Theory Of Everything

A lot of different groups are coming to these same (or very close to the same) conclusions, including Dr. Lupo’s recent guests and the Unfuckers group with Lisa Harrison and Dani McKenny. This is the time of the ‘great revealing.’


YT description: This video features Jynx Cat’s personal theory on the Mandela Effect, how it is being achieved, the nature of flip-flops and residual, the nature of reality, the purpose of the effect and lots and lots of examples!

This video moves quickly and contains an extremely large amount of information. It is suggested you watch it through more than once to experience the audio, subtitles and articles fully.

This is only the theory of Jynx Cat. If you have questions about this theory, please email them to JYNXEFFECT@GMAIL.COM to be answered in a later video.

If you do not agree with this theory, use this channel as a forum! Email your OWN theories to JYNXEFFECT@GMAIL.COM to be used in a future video.

Be sure to check out my “Support Kids” Youtube Playlist, and let me know if you know of a wonderful kids channel that deserves recognition! Let’s show them their voices matter too!

Love & Light,

Title: The Mandela (Quantum) Effect: Jynx Cat’s Theory of Everything (YT link) Uploaded by Jynx Cat.


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