United States: The American Flag – A Symbol Of Hate Speech

I will put a contrary opinion to my own at times, to see what the people on the other side of the aisle are thinking. In this short video, you will see exactly what is wrong with the liberal way of thinking, as if you didn’t already know. This poor kid doesn’t have a clue of how badly the interviewer is setting him up.


YT description: Is the U.S. flag a symbol of hate speech? That’s what documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz wanted to find out when he went to UC Irvine, where the student government tried to ban displays of the flag in a main thruway. Watch and be amazed as Ami interviews the student who spearheaded the flag ban.

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Title: The American Flag: A Symbol of Hate Speech on Campuses? (YT link) Uploaded by Prager U.


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