Transpicuous Views: 05/08/17 – Jordan Sather, Prophecy, DNA

YT description: Transpicuous Views, May 7th 2017. Last night I was joined by Jordan Sather, from YouTube channel “Destroying the Illusion”. We jumped from rabbit hole to rabbit hole, sliding through a bit of politics, questioned history, and dug into dissecting our state of consciousness through the lens of our DNA. Jordan and I discussed the vaccine and chemtrail toxic cocktails of Aluminium and Mercury, and their effects on our DNA, and took a bash at tearing apart the main stream scientific rhetoric of “Junk DNA” and the reasons WHY “They” have spent so much time and money trying to intoxify humanity.

To Continue reading and for all articles and links mentioned in this episode of TV, please go to here:…

Title: Transpicuous Views, with Jordan Sather: Science, Prophecy & DNA (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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