Music, Synthwave: VHS Dreams – Trans Am (Full Album)

This is just awesome. Makes me want to do a drug deal w/ an Alligator skin briefcase with Sonny Crockett and a cigarette boat. – Recovering Genius

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YT description: Album “TRANS AM” by VHS Dreams ? 2015 Future 80’s Records…

Remember i didn’t make these musics, all rights belong to VHS Dreams and Future 80’s Records.

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Title: VHS Dreams – TRANS AM [Full Album] (YT link) Uploaded by The 80’s Guy.

0:00 Vice Point
3:42 Miami 2K15
8:55 Highway Lovers
12:59 R.E.D.M
16:34 Trans A.M.
20:44 Discorecord
24:51 Shanglin 2K15 (vs Alpharisc)
29:56 Nightdrive
34:04 Ocean Heights (feat. Satori in Bed)
39:27 A.M. Eternal (Outro)


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