Lift The Veil: Debate With Jeff C On Mandela Effect, Flat Earth Theory

Here’s my opinion of Jeff C. I watched and posted hundreds of his videos on my last blog. He was my go-to source when it came to exposing False Flags, as oftentimes, Jeff C was the first guy to take the hoaxes apart. Then he started attacking other Truthers instead of attacking The Powers That Be. After that, I started losing interest when he developed an erection for PewDiePie’s fame, and finally, I dropped Jeff C’s channels when he started attacking people like Max Igan, who has done a million times more to elevate spiritual consciousness than JC has.

You’ll see just how bad Jeff C has fallen into the pit when Nathan starts giving him valid rebuttals to FE and ME. Way to cause division among the ranks, Jeff C! You’ve been Divided And Conquered, and you don’t even know it!


YT description: A heated debate about Flat Earth theory and the Mandela Effect between Nathan (Lift the Veil) and Jeff C (New World Agenda, FreeRadioRevolution. With phone calls.

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Title: Flat Earth & Mandela Effect – LtV debates Jeff C (New World Agenda, FreeRadioRevolution) (YT link) Uploaded by Lift The Veil.


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