United States: Weird Sighting Of Light Bending Around The Earth

You know, in my research into light, gravity and magnetism, I can only think of one scenario where light would be bent. That’s when too much gravity / electromagnetic energy is applied to it. What could be causing so much force to bend light in Earth’s atmosphere? Well, we do have that pesky little Planet X theory that keeps popping up, or maybe CERN with its ability to produce a magnetic field 10,000 times stronger than Earth. I believe this was filmed in Arizona.


YT description: May 7, 2017: Witnessed this myself at a fall high school football game from top of the bleachers. I know, the technical term for this phenomenon but what puzzles me is why don’t we see this everyday, instead of just on rare occasions. Is the vacuum of space at the top of the atmosphere causing this or simply just light uniquely trapped and diverted by the inner atmosphere…just curious and always ask myself those questions when I see this, which isn’t very often. Filmed this myself…


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Title: Light Bends Around the Earth | Rare Phenomenon Visible on Opposite Sides of Planet! (YT link) Uploaded by MrMBB333.


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