Music, Synthwave: Street Cleaner – Payback (Full Album)

Dude, or chick, just set this on and chill out for the next half hour.

The scum in this city are about to get a wake up call… – Mauricio Morai

This is post #2050!


YT description: Album “Payback” by Street Cleaner…

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Title: Street Cleaner – Payback [Full Album] (YT link) Uploaded by The 80s Guy.

0:00 Slade’s Sundown
3:43 Neon Horizon
7:29 Nightlife
10:49 Dark Pursuit
14:22 After Hours Enterprise
16:38 Outnumbered
20:06 Devil’s Due
24:28 Grim Victory
28:18 Daybreak
33:29 Devil’s Due (Vip D34D Mix)


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