Moneybags73: What Was Your Mandela Effect Smoking Gun Moment?

I would love to hear your ME awakening moment. Please leave them in the comments section.

For me, and brace yourself here, but in October of 2008 I was in a 30 to 40 car pile up on the 15 Highway going south through Rancho Bernardo in SoCal. For whatever divine reason, I was allowed to see and be a part of that tremendous accident, where I died, and then I went through a strange dimension with no people in it and I was transferred into another reality where that accident never took place. After that happened to me, none of this ME stuff really shocks me.

Will Smith’s Movie… ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ It’s now ‘Happyness’ I freaked out.. – Brazil Joseph Toy Loy

C3PO having a silver leg was my Mendela moment. Since I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977, I know 100% that he was all gold. – Jane Marinelli

Before hearing about the ME I saw a bag of FUNYUNS in a gas station and thought to myself ” when did they change that?” Then found out it’s always been spelled that way here…not FUNIONS that I remember….but the hugest thing is the lion and the lamb!!! – Stephanie Demloe

My first one was the oscar Meyer last summer before I had even heard about Mandela effect I remember looking at the package of dogs and thinking that doesn’t look right oscar Mayer and everyone I ask to spell it spells it Meyer !! – Napoleon Bonaparte

Kennedy assassination. Kidney placement. Bragg’s. South America. – Heather G Cogburn

first one was apollo 13 flip flop, that freaked me out, then flintstones flip flop and now frootloops flipflp – Rich

There are four seats in the JFK car I refuse to believe that the new JFK video is real. Makes my brain hurt to try. – Gavin Harper


YT description: Please leave a comment telling everyone what your smoking gun was when it comes to the Mandela Effect Phenomenon.

Title: The Mandela Effect (What Was Your Smoking Gun???) (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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