Jacob Israel: The Multiverse Is Real, Mandela Effect And More

I’m glad we’re getting these ME flip-flops, because all these dummies that think they know everything are getting shown up. Or maybe, as I’ve suggested before, some of us are moving forward through multiple realities while the 2D people get left behind.


YT description: A new Royal Astronomical Society finding may indeed Prove we exist in a Multiverse. Are we shifting into parallel realities? Science says it’s possible…. Please do Subscribe, Like, Comment, Check the Bell and Share these videos around it means the world to me. I love you all and hope you enjoy it, Jacob

I don’t ask for donations, to support the channel please do watch the commercials and share these videos around it helps me more than you know. And if you love to read, please do check out my award winning novel “The Calling” now exclusively available at http://www.JacobIsrael.org (I sign and personalize each copy purchase)

Title: PROOF! The Multiverse is REAL! This Changes Everything for the “Mandela Effected” (YT link) Uploaded by Jacob Israel.


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